Primarily,the Composite Judgeship of Kandhamal-Boudh, Phulbani was merged with the undivided judgeship of Ganjam-Berhampur and finally the Judgeship of Kandhamal-Boudh,Phulbani was separated from the said undivided judgeship Ganjam-Berhampur on.11.08.1984. Under Government of Orissa Law Department Letter No.1712,dated 17.02.2010 and in terms of Notification No. 692, dated 03.10.2012 of the Hon’ble High Court of Orissa, Cuttack the Boudh Judgeship was separated from the composite Mother Judgeship of Kandhamal-Boudh,Phulbani. The Boudh Judgeship started functioning with effect from 06.10.2012 onwards being newly created .Sri Biraja Prasad Dutta,LLB was appointed as the frist District & Session Judge of Boudh in Judgeship of Boudh

All total 8 number of Courts now functioning in the Boudh Judgeship.At present,out of which 7 numbers of Courts now functioning in the sadar Headquarter stations at Boudh and only one Court i.e. the Court of Civil Judge(J.D)-Cum-J.M.F.C,Kantamal is functioning at Kantamal.The following Courts now functioning at headquarter station at Boudh are enumerated below :-

  1. District & Session Judge Court, Boudh
  2. Additional Session Judge Court, Boudh
  3. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Boudh
  4. Civil Judge (Senior Division) Court, Boudh
  5. Special Track Court, Boudh
  6. Sub-Division Judicial Magistrate Court, Boudh