The Chief District Medical Office (CDMO) of Boudh District makes constant and sincere efforts to implement Government schemes to ensure adequate health care services to the people. Steps are being taken by the District health administration, to bring about improvement in the health care system of the District. Attention is also paid to take special care of the needs of the people of tribal areas and backward regions.

Objective –

  • To provide adequate, qualitative, preventive and curative health care to the people of the District.
  • As it is a tribal based area it is ensuring health care services to all, particularly to the disadvantaged groups like Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and the backward classes.
  • The main motive of CDMO is to provide affordable quality health care to the people of the District not only through the allopathic system of medicine but also through the homoeopathic and Ayurvedic systems.
  • To provide greater access to the primary health care by bringing medical institutions through mobile health units, particularly in the under-served and backward areas in the District.
  • To improve health care system in the District.
  • For eliminating diseases like Malaria and other communicable diseases in the District.
  • To reduce maternal and infant mortality and to improve maternal and child health.
  • To provide free treatment for the people of the District (including free medicines) for certain major communicable diseases.
  • To improve hospital services at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels in terms of infrastructure, drugs and personnel.

Important Contact numbers

Ambulance Contact No:  102  and 108

CUG Nos of Doctors and Staffs

DHH Boudh

  1. CDMO 9439990996
  2. ADMO(FW & Imm) 9439991002
  3. ADMO(Med) 9439991094
  4. DMO 9439991131
  5. ADMO(PH) 9439991104
  6. District TB Officer 9439990998
  7. MO PPC Boudh 9439991013
  8. DPM 9439991005

Boudh Block

  1. M.O I/C 9439991009
  2. MO I/C 9439991010
  3. Medical Officer 9439991011
  4. Harabhanga Block

  5. M.O I/C CHC Adenigarh 9439991055
  6. M.O PHC(N) Harabhanga 9439991057
  7. Kantamal Block

  8. MO I/C 9439991094
  9. Address of Head of the Office:

    Chief District Medical Officer
    At./P.O.– Boudh, PIN–762014, Boudh District, Odisha, India
    Tel.: 06841–222478(O), Fax: 06841–222478
    Email: nhmboudh@gmail[dot]com